IFAC International Conference on Technology, Culture and International Stability - 21st TECIS 2022

26 - 28 Oct Innovation Campus - UBT, Prishtina, KOSOVA



A journalistic cliche of the nineteenth century described the Kosovo region as the lost heart of the Balkans. Like many cliches, this one was both slightly foolish and, at the same time, suggestive of a significant truth. Although Kosovo has played a central role in Balkan history, it has remained, during much of that history, mysterious and little known to outsiders. Western knowledge of the whole central Balkan area was confined to the major through-routes until surprisingly recently: European maps of this area contained gross inaccuracies well into the late nineteenth century. 1 Yet it was not only Westerners who knew little of this area….… More



Prishtina is the capital of Kosovo and the seat of the same municipality and region . It is the second largest city inhabited by Albanians in Europe , after Tirana.Prishtina is the most important transport hub of Kosovo, for air, railways and roads. The city’s international airport is the largest airport in the country and among the largest in the region. A number of highways, such as R 6 and R 7, irradiate the city and connect it with Albania and North Macedonia. Prishtina is the capital as well as the most essential economic, financial, political and commercial center of Kosovo, mainly due to its important location in the center of the country. In Pristina, the continental climate prevails with an average annual temperature of 10.4 °C and an average annual rainfall of 600 mm. In July, the average annual temperature reaches 30 °C, in January -0.6 °C… More

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Hotel Sirius [email protected] Agim Ramadani , Prishtinë http://hotelsirius.net/
Venus [email protected] Magjistralja Prishtinë- Lipijan Highway , Pristina http://venushotel-ks.com/


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Hotel Begolli 45 65
Hotel Garden 60 75
Swiss Diamond Hotel 121 135
Hotel Golden 30 60
City IN Hotel 75 84
Hotel Venus 60 70
Hotel Sirius 80 100

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